Land with You

Installation Art


This is an Installation Art work that tries to initiate people's willingness to cherish defoliation, withered branches and all the things that come from nature. I collaborated with another talented artist, Mengdi Xu in this work. Together we made it to Smart Illumination show at Yokohama, Japan, in 2014.


Artist, Maker


Concept Design, Exhibition Design




I come from Guizhou province, China. It is a place where you can enjoy all the feast of the nature while poverty remains to be a serious problem, especially for some remote villages hidden in the mountains. There are many  kids living in poverty who have to beg for daily use since their parents are miles away working.

Now we have more and more ornate lamps and dazzling technologies.

But none of them belongs to the kids.

So I want to create a light made of the materials in nature, a bright light that belongs to the earth for them. Thus, I think my work is to initiate people's willingness to cherish defoliation, withered branches and all the things that directly come from nature.


Then we modeled and rendered the concept for quick review & feedback at the first stage.

Then we crafted our ”planets" in Yokohama.

For the "earth" in the middle, however, people have to clip one of their belongings to it to complete Land with You.

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The 2nd day

The 3rd day

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